Janette’s healing abilities are extraordinary. Her techniques helped me to overcome personal/childhood trauma and identified the root of personal behavioral patterns that sent me on a true path of healing.  I was truly able to let go of the “head trash” that had been haunting me, and was able to feel good about being “me” again.  Her insight, kindness and wisdom truly makes Janette a person I feel I was blessed to meet, and would recommend her to anyone.  -RA


Working with Janette totally transformed my life. I have left behind all the fear, anger, and depression that were holding me back in my personal and professional lives. I am a happy and more balanced wife and mother, and I now see unlimited potential in my professional life where I used to feel underpaid and underappreciated. I am on the path to fulfilling my personal and professional dreams, and I never could have done it without Janette.  -AO


I want to offer my sincere thanks to you for meeting with me so that I could rid myself of the anger and frustrations that I had allowed myself to hold within for many years. I now have a more positive attitude toward what I need to do to have a more rewarding life, and the ability to see what I need to do to have more meaningful relationships with others. It is difficult to put into words the gift you have to help others, but I hope you continue to assist others that have held negative feelings within. The optimistic attitude I now have on life has allowed me to have the confidence I need as I pursue the next phase of my life in Arizona. You have my heart-felt appreciation.  -Gary


When I first came to Janette in 2009, I was caught in a fog of chronic depression, emotional blocks, and  severe physical pain. I had grown up in a deeply dysfunctional family where religious fundamentalism had been used to abuse me mentally, emotionally, and physically, and I was struggling with how to move on from those experiences. I had tried cognitive talk therapy, meditation, self-help books, religious disciplines, journaling, vitamins, organic diets; while each of these helped in some measure, nothing seemed to move me in a positive direction tangibly or permanently. The more I tried to fix myself, the more exhausted and hopeless I felt.

Needless to say, when a naturopath recommended I see Janette, I was very skeptical and wary of being emotionally manipulated. I determined to try one appointment and tell her as little about myself as possible. However, I didn’t need to say anything because my body was crying out for its truth to be heard. In the course of that one appointment, she was able to uncover things I had never told anyone about, just by asking my body, and she gently began leading me on my journey of forgiveness and release. Within three appointments I had reached major breakthroughs in dealing with my past; after five appointments my chronic gallbladder pain was relieved so that I no longer had to consider surgery, food allergies subsided, emotional blocks eased, and interpersonal issues released. I began experiencing joy in my life that I had never felt before. As a test, I stopped all contact with Janette for six months, but still the positive changes remained and continued to increase. Finally, I had found real healing—and it’s only gotten better.

Janette is an incredibly kind, gentle, and intuitive emotional healing practitioner. She meets clients where they are at emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, and she creates a safe, nonjudgmental space where individual beliefs and lifestyles are respected and integrated. Whether working with a client in person or remotely, she is focused and attentive, gently guiding the session toward greatest healing and release. I have found her intuition to be very sensitive and resonate, and her insights have deepened my own personal discovery. Through my work with her, I have seen my life and the lives of  my friends and family healed in all aspects, with seemingly impossible situations transformed through love and forgiveness. Instead of issues taking years to resolve, peace and growth can be found within a matter of hours.

If you are seeking freedom from emotional pain and negative patterns in your life and you want to create a new life full of purpose and joy, I highly recommend working with Janette. You will never be the same. -KW


I began seeing Janette two and a half years ago. With my complex post-traumatic stress disorder, I had been getting nowhere in psychotherapy for years, with fears, grief, anger, and emotional obstacles that never even began to heal. My friend recommended Janette’s emotional therapy, and, over time, I became willing to try it.

I was nervous and skeptical before my first visit, but Janette was friendly and gentle. She didn’t pry, judge, or attempt to manage me; she simply sat with my body and listened. She was able to discern why I could not progress using conventional means, finding pains that I didn’t even realize I had. In only five or six sessions, I began to find peace and stability that I never knew were possible for me. Parts of my body and mind that used to hurt constantly don’t hurt anymore. When something is bothering me that I can’t let go, I return to Janette, and soon all is well again.
When you are ready, I recommend visiting Janette, no matter what is hurting you, emotionally, physically, or psychologically. Through intuition, wisdom, and skill as an energetic therapist, she will help you walk toward healing and freedom. -AB

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