About Janette

IMG_1253About 20 years ago, I began my career as a nurse, having known even as a child that my calling was to help people. Over my years in health care, I became more and more aware of what a profound impact a person’s mental and emotional state had on their ability to heal.  I also learned that as a health care provider, I had the ability to influence a person’s feelings about their state of healing, simply by being encouraging and positive in my approach, rather than reinforcing fear and negativity. I also recognized, however, that some people simply were not able to trust their bodies, or to put themselves in a state of peace and acceptance in order for healing to occur. The concept of the importance of healing in the “whole being” was being shown to me, even as a young nurse.

In the years that followed, I returned to school to become a Nurse Practitioner, while also having married and started my family. Naturally, completing a rigorous academic program while having a young daughter to care for increased the stress in my life. Several years later, when I found myself wondering if life was still supposed to be this hard, I reached out for help. I found Dr. Annette Cargioli, a holistic Chiropractor and originator of an emotional healing technique called EPTworks™. I credit Dr. Cargioli’s gift of healing with EPTworks™ for bringing about a radical transformation in my life, and for helping me to find a sense of deep joy and peace that had been absent from my life experience for many years. This breakthrough also opened my heart and mind to the endless possibilities of healing therapies that went far beyond the holistic and traditional therapies I was aware of.

My profound experiences with Dr. Cargioli lead me to learn how to perform EPTworks™, which I began using with clients of my own in 2007, and continue to use today. As I developed my skills in emotional work, I began to develop my own additional styles and techniques which continued to be very effective in supporting my clients as they let go of negative emotions that were keeping them from realizing their full potential for joyful living. Through this process, Bio-Cognitive Attunement was born. I am grateful always for all of the people who have been with me along my journey so far…teachers, mentors, healers, and clients, all of whom have helped to bring valuable insight and clarity to this work. Along this road, I have seen many things that I did not believe were possible…things that would be considered miracles by most, as well as small but mighty changes brought about in the lives of individuals, families, and businesses, as a result of clients’ ability to let go. Today, I continue to be honored and humbled by the privilege of being involved in the process, and I look forward to continuing my work with clients to broaden their experience of life to include RADICAL. JOY.


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