Forward Movement.


Happy, healthy relationships.

Financial abundance.

Rewarding careers.


These are all things that we strive for. But what do we do if we’re not there yet? Where do we go for help and guidance along life’s path when what we want is not what we’re feeling and creating in our lives? How do we know what needs to be fixed?

Bio-Cognitive Attunement (BCA) is a tool to help you let go of patterns that do not take you where you want to go. Things that you may not even know are there, but that your body knows are there. BCA combines ancient Eastern philosophy and knowledge of the how the body stores the emotions and experiences of your past, with a Western approach to increasing your capacity for love and forgiveness in the present. The essence of this work frees up your heart, mind, and soul from the baggage of past experiences, so that you can focus your energy on the present, and on your amazing future!

The end result of letting go of “the old stuff”?

More loving and supportive relationships.

Elimination of chronic physical pain.

A flourishing, healthy body.

More joy…more peace…more love.

Hello, radically joyful life!!!

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